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Dear Penny.
I cannot thank you enough for your training of Aslan. My husband and I were really quite stressed and had resigned ourselves to living our lives around Aslans demands. The only time he didn't want attention was when he was asleep. We thought that he was "damaged" because of his previous owners bad treatment of him and thought training would be too strict as we had spent nearly two years making him feel safe, we worried that he would lose all the confidence. We had indulged him and basically let him rule the roost.
Then our vets told us about you Impeccable Behaviour, well Penny, we still cannot believe the change in his behaviour that started immediately from your visit. Aslan was immediately comfortable with you and has changed from being attention seeking, demanding, quite disagreeable and really defiant to being happy to sit and stay or leave on command. He is also really quite pleased with himself. Our lives have improved so much so quickly, it sounds silly but in just two weeks of us following everything you taught us his barking that went on and on has stopped completely. He would not let me cut his nails or touch his feet but now he will let me. I can open the front door without a barricade or struggle to hold him back as now when the doorbell rings he will sit and stay and most times now when the bell rings he just goes straight to his sit position without being told. He is keen and eager to learn new things and he is happy. When we train him we all find it good fun and it has actually given him (and us) more confidence. He is a beautiful big boy I didn't think it possible to love him more but we do with all of us following your training. Aslan is still full of character and we are beaming with pride and its all thanks to you.
Thank you so much again.

J. Bentley (Merstham)

'Penny, thank you for showing us a side of Digby we really hadn't realised.He so obviously thoroughly enjoyed, and needed, (as did we!!)your fantastic training methods, and continues to do so. He's an even more super little chap than we first realised'

Andrew 'Digby' (Oxted)

'We were having difficulty with toilet training our pug puppy, Doris. Along came Penny - full of helpful advice and practical solutions and Doris soon got the message. Penny also helped us with several other aspects of Doris's behaviour and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone having difficulty with their dog.'

Cardona, Doris the Pug (Woldingham)

'We contacted Penny as we wanted help training our 6 year old dog who we rescued 2 years ago. The main areas we needed help with were his anxieties around other dogs, calming him prior to walks, travelling in the car and barking when the doorbell went! Penny has given us some great advice and different things to try for all the areas we needed help with. We are definitely seeing results and it is really nice to know that the training methods we are using are positive rather than punitive. Thank you.'

Bywater, Dexter the Jack Russel/Beagle (St.Leonards-on-sea)

'Positive and very helpful'

'Holly' Merstham

'Thank you so much it has been so valuable. My puppy thoroughly enjoyed classes and so have I.'

'Beau' Merstham

'Enjoyable and informative.'

'George' Merstham

'Great course! can warmly recommend. I love your approach Penny and everything really makes sense.'

'Archie' Merstham

'Great course- very useful. Achieved much more than expected!! Thank you'

'Ozzie' Merstham

'Really good, simple to follow week by week, all positive. Good tips and personal advice given'

'Oscar' Merstham

'Very enjoyable and informative. Ollie has improved each week.'

'Ollie' Merstham

'Fantastic course- my dog has learnt everything I wanted him to as a puppy. I personally have enjoyed the course as much as my puppy. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that get a new puppy!'

'Anon' Old Woking

'This truely was the best class I could have attended with my very shy puppy. She is now like a different dog and I could not be happier. Thank you so much to Penny for making life better not just for me but for Minnie! '

'Minnie' Old Woking