Impeccable Behaviour - Dog and Cat Training and Boarding in Surrey & Surrounding Areas

Behavioural Consultations and Programmes

Bespoke, behavioural programmes are created for each individual animal. An initial consultation is held to obtain details regarding your pet's history and a programme plan will be formulated, I will then advise on how many training visits your pet requires to treat the issue. This will take approximately 1hr 30mins.

You will then receive either a behavioural report or a Handbook which outlines the training programme step by step. Programmes are generally 6-8 weeks depending on the issue. You will obtain support throughout the programme with face-to-face training visits and via easy-to-follow training videos.

Impeccable behaviour only advocates the use of kind, reward-based training techniques.

Your pet must have been seen by a vet prior to the consultation to rule out any underlying medical cause for the behavioural change. Please ask for more details so a referral form can be emailed to you to take to your vet for them to complete.

Phone: 07713 147670